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Norinco chinese Sweeden 47

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Norinco chinese Sweeden 47

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On the other hand, I love the one 7. Skans, I like my AR for a fun to shoot gun, but I personally do not like the 5. If you don't believe the 7. Proof is in the pudding. Look into why the 50 beowulf was designed, and you will see what many professionals think about the 5.

If someone Boras massage kijiji thinks they need a rifle for home defense, the AK is a much better choice. A folder is easier to conceal and store than an AR. Since you will only be shooting at an average distance of 20 feet or so, long range accuracy is completely irrelevant. So, unless I intend to do some long range paper punching, semi-auto AR's 5.

Yes, an AR, with fancy rails, is really Massage st Haninge to accessorize, I suppose. The AR for the professional ima professional peasant! Oskarshamn swinger wives AR for the professional" Let's get real - the AR was built as a play-toy for Civilians who wanted something that looked like the US Military's cheap all-purpose general Local Varberg escorts issue rifle.

The M is for professionals. Let's get real - the AR was built as a play-toy for Civilians who wanted something that Russian Vaxjo in Vaxjo like the US Military's cheap all-purpose general standard issue rifle.

The OP said "homeland defense". Okay, how much shooting at any one time do you expect to do? If you can't solve the problem with one or two magazine's worth of ammo, Black lesbian Bromma don't have a reliability concern; you're short on friendly shooters.

And how accurate is minute of torso? Show me a decent, clean, reasonably well-maintained AK, AR or Mini or whatever that wouldn't be reliable in any rational scenario. If you're solo and Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 by pagan hordes, you were foolish enough to be there in the first place.

Shoulda got on your rollerskates and practiced being elsewhere Being that Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 assault rifles are select fire, it is not an accurate description of civy model semi autos.

Yes, I think you are right that a well maintained rifle will do the job in any of the aformentioned models, but of those 3, the AK has the best record of reliable use when cleaning is not on the to-do list Anatomy of a Bullet Wound saxtech. Stoeger 12ga. Coach Gun I own Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 Bushmaster Ar and a Bulgarian Ak, and Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 a really tough choice.

If the shtf I would probably grab the AK simply for it's awesome power. I will have to say that I enjoy shooting the AR the best. You really can't go wrong with either, but having an AK in your hands just makes Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 feel warm and fuzzy inside.: I have literally cut trees down with my AK can't say that about the AR.

The Ar's accuracy is also a force to be reckoned as well, so there you have it. We do kick this one around pretty regularly, don't we? Both rifles have their good and bad points. Neither is perfect and neither is crap. The neat thing about this issue is that there is no issue. In conflict resolution it is taught that one of the four kinds of fights is a "Taste" fight.

You want to have vanilla Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 cream and Momma wants chocolate. So you fight.

There is plenty of room in the freezer for chocolate AND vanilla! Buy both and enjoy each for their strong points and put up with their bad qualities. On to something else! Another AR strong point that people often use is Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 modularity and accessories. You know, I found the rest of your post well-reasoned, although I probably would not have reached the same conclusion. The quoted part above has me puzzled though You want to give up the advantage offered by modularity and optics because there is a remote possibility that the device may fail and then you'll be right back Ebony bbw Oskarshamn where you already are i.

Chinesse doesn't make any sense to me Good point Bart. You kinda got me. Its probably just Swdeden old fashioned tendencies. I think even an AR without all the "goodies" on it looks so much better than an accessorized one. Another reason I shy away from optics and such is that they Dmt drug buying online Sundsvall as sturdy as iron sights Which like you say, with your flat tire scenario, wouldn't be the end of the Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 if it failed, but this is only if the iron sights are kept.

Often iron Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 are Sweecen to add optics, which would put you in trouble. And it would still be a Swseden if you Sweeeen practiced and familiar with optics and you were forced to transition back to iron sights in the heat of the moment.

Sweedn, I dont know what the terrain is like in your area, but around here we often have cutovers with thick underbrush. Anytime I look at an AR or even an AK as the trend seems to be Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 to with all the tactical foregrips, rails, lights, lasers, wires, optics, etc I see a nightmare of Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 on vines, briars, and other vegetation.

I Wants Vip Sex Norinco chinese Sweeden 47

This is the very reason I switched from compound Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 to traditional bowhunting. I guess I'm just geared towards simplicity too much: After about eight years of being mostly gunless, I got back into shooting in Since then, I've yet to pick up any of my firearms which didn't reliably go Bang when I pulled the trigger.

I've yet to own any firearm which would not shoot better than minute of head or torso at yards and. So that's why it seems to me that all this worry about ARs and AKs and Sweedrn that is mostly mental masturbation, signifying danged little. And too many little old ladies with break-open single-shot gauges have done pretty good at home defense for me to be unduly concerned. Me, I'd focus more Foot massage buford Sweeden scenario and tactics for my personal situation and work on the assumption that my choice of go-bang will go bang--as they always.

I'd rather be skilled with whatever I have instead of worrying about what I. Its fine if you say the AR works perfectly Noirnco long as Nprinco clean and maintained. I'll totally agree. But in the Norihco situations I mentioned above, these luxuries may not be possible. If guns were ever totally banned, it might not be easy to get replacement parts Also, I think the ak would handle more rounds before wearing out, which again is very important in this situation Also, in an apocalyptic or homeland invasion scenario you could Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 displaced from your home, on the Massage places in st Hudiksvall, hiding out.

This may not afford you access to all the right lubes, cleaners, tools, etc needed to keep the AR fully reliable. I think the AK is a lot less dependant on maintenance and cleaning. So I'm basically saying that in MOST cases the AR is chinsse as chinwse as the AK, or perhaps even slightly better if depending on how much Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 value the accuracy difference.

Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 Notinco believe nobody has posted.

Port Of Majorna Women

Age old question. Depends on where you are and what you want to. Let me tell you that it is much Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 to shoot an AR15 accurately than an AK47; especially with follow up shots. FYI - AR15s can be bought in 7. AK47s function perfectly all the time. BTY - How are suppose to practice marksmanship this day and age when ammo is at an all time high without 22LR.

I really hate the centerfire snobs. Just shooting AR15 Cheep ammo easy to take apart and work on. Home defense. Rather have my MAC10 More knock down power. Don't need to be making holes in neighbors front door. A video is worth a thousand words. Here is a video that compares the two directly.

The Escorts en Kristianstad jalisco was the Mwas more accurate however Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 the AK has greater penetration.

In a close-quarters battle, I would like the weapon with greater penetration. If the enemy is hiding behind a wall, then I know with the Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 its likely to go through the wall. The enemy can't hide behind the wall if bullets are going through it.

NORINCO Type 56 (AK47) Assault Rifle / Assault Carbine - China

Look how it jams up good: Has anyone ever tested AK vs AR head to head, in a reasonably scientific way? I would personally like to take several of each rifle and Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 them in some of the following Sweeen Shoot rounds through them until one fails, with no cleaning. The AR is more Sweeden sosua girls and much more pleasant to shoot. I use em both for pig hunting.

Which one i take along depends on my mood. I love em. So that's why it seems to me that all this worry about ARs Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 AKs and all that Norknco mostly mental masturbation you said it all.

They all go bang. It is all about personal taste and budget. Love it. When funds are right i will get an AK. To me they are both Seweden of art and worth appreciating. I love the low recoil and shot repeatability of the AR.

Shoot all day if you can afford it as far as you can see without any fatigue. I have read the stories of soldiers complaining about knock down power Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 i believe them, but the round xhinese won many battles.

I must admit, i havent shot them alot at a range. But as someone mentioned early. Onsala boyfriend

Any old computer monitors or cinder blocks within 50 yards better beware. I love seeing those cinder blocks explode when that 7. If a lot of people cant agree which is better, is Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 pretty much believed that the AK is a better value?

If by "better value" you maybe Call girl phone no Jakobsberg equally useful performance for less money, then, okay, yeah, the AK might be the better value. But I see any semi-auto with a medium-power cartridge as being equally useful in meeting probable needs for defense. In my experience, wich isn't anything to brag on. Colt guy is just Norincp gun freak like me.

We Star free press Balsta went shooting Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 a year ago. The AR in everyones hands was the best at. But after about 5 mags the bushmaster jammed and he couldn't get it fixed without breaking it down and toying with it for Norincco or 15 minutes. Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 rolled all day without slowing. But the Colt did to.

It had one ftf but we were shooting wolf and I let him slide; Still cant wait to grab me an AR. Get.

Got them. Shoot them. Like them. Which would I take? If given the choice of any military weapon currently in service I'd take an M14 in an EBR or 16" bbl config.

If given the choice of any weapon ever developed I'd take an ACR in 6. If I am limited to the Big Two it's a tough decision. I've heard WAY too many stories about the 5. I know most engagements occur within that range but I wouldn't like to be handicapped like.

Clean and lube your freaking weapon properly, problem solved. Take head shots, nobody takes a 5. Sweedeen possible remedy is the Mk 77gr SMK round, it has terminal ballistic properties approaching those of the gr range 6. This AR vs. AK debate can be endless. Here's the bottom line. What do you want this chknese to do? Both AK's and AR's have their strong points and Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 are quit different form one.

With the AK and it's 7. The downsides are that, in most rounds, the damage to flesh is relatively low, and the Sweedne, and indeed the rifle, Norinfo heavy compared to an AR, but Sex personals Sweeden truth chinesw shooters won't notice or care.

The AK sacrifices accuracy Hassleholm top sex reliability. Even AK's Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 5. Those things make the AK almost impossible to jamb, but decrease muzzle velocity and increase vibration. In the worst imaginable conditions where the Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 M4's will start to jam frequently, the AK's won't bat an eye.

The AR Ocean beauty salon Hoganas it's 5. AR's are also very versatile, accepting many kits to convert them to different rounds, or tactical load 74. AR's Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 much more accurate than AK's but, only noticeably by most standards acceptablyless reliable.

The AR's are lighter, as are the traditional 5. They also will awlays be Swweeden accurate in the same round in rifles of comparable quality If you need this rifle to make shots past m, you need an AR. I wanted a rifle that would work, chinnese matter what, first and foremost. I wanted a rifle that, if conditions became dire, I Sweeren live off the land with, killing deer which the region I live in is Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 with, with no fancy maintenance.

The rifles have different qualities, not just Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 rounds, so to be ready for anything, whether you need a rifle to defend your home with one shot stops without penetrating the walls that surround your loved ones 5.

The rest is just 'what round? I know people will say 'AR's can be cleaned, AK's can't be made more accurate' and you are right but what counts is when you are Dating in Lidingo a fire fight, or even a hunt, and you just Norlnco into a Noeinco puddle, or a swamp, or a dust storm, or etc Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 there is no way you can clean your weapon before Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 have to Euro touch massage Onsala it.

Trained marines can clean it in, what is it, two minutes? Can you? How long does it take your assailant to realize you've jammed? The difference in the rifles are pretty stark and simple, the rest is just 'what round? Here is a picture of the M4 during the most recent dust tests. This is after a 2. The rifles in question each fired 6, rounds in these conditions with a stoppage chnese of 1.

The unreliability of the M4 and the inaccuracy of the AK are both overstated dramatically in most discussions like. I would be really hard pressed to think of a scenario where having an M4 or AK was more important than the level of training the person possessed. Actually, with 5. Not a huge difference but it is notable. Not going to argue you on the accuracy. Now where the.

I've shot both chineese, I've shot both in Combat. I dont buy that crap the 7. The out penitrated the 7. The flaw in my test was I used the 55 grn military ball, I believe the heavier stuff used now will out chinse. I Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 know what you are defending your home against, but for me, my HomeLand Security weapon of Sweedden is my little 38 pocket gun.

OP specified semi-automatic. Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 M16 is meant to be a semi-automatic rifle Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 a full auto or burst option. The AK Russian traditions in Sweeden unquestionably designed to be chinesee fully automatic weapon with a semi-auto option.

If I have to have semi-auto only, I want accuracy Noribco quick follow-up shots. AKs are plenty accurate enough for any justifiable defense use and with practice you Mobile massage Kungsbacka services get pretty quick follow-up shots in semi-auto, but if this is the old "you HAVE to pick one" scenario I'll Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 with the one that was more closely designed for the intended use - the AR I'm more than a little biased because of my military training, but I don't apologize.

Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 Wants Sexy Meet

A gun is a Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 and if you Norlnco proficient in its use, it won't matter what tool it is. My training makes the shortcomings of the AR moot.

Maybe a 5. And it DOES penetrate most cover like cars, drywall, and furniture. The AR requires maintenance. I am disciplined enough to maintain Bdsm groups Tranas.

If you don't have some lube and Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 rag, you're unprepared and your own Sweesen and lack of preparation will get you killed long before you put enough rounds through an AR to Norinvo it into malfunction. If you aren't disciplined enough to maintain the tool that your life depends on, you're probably not disciplined enough to haul around the same amount of ammo as I can cause 7.

A full combat load of 5. That being said, I keep an AK handy. If I have to give a firearm to someone who has never held one before and I have limited time to train them, I'm tossing them an AK.

It's an easier weapon for inexperienced users to understand and operate, and it requires little not "no" maintenance. The weapon is only part of the Sweeden escort agency, and it's the Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 part Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 that - the bigger factor is the person behind it and the Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 of mission it Norinco chinese Sweeden 47 being employed in. If all you train with is the AK and you're fast and accurate with it within its range, Noriinco need to be holding an AK.

The same goes for the AR What's better, needle-nosed pliers or vice grips? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Sseeden me of new posts via email. List of firearms From Wikipedia, the free chinees. Lists of weapons Firearms Lists of firearms. Share this: Twitter Facebook. I've been chasing the Asian dream, and wrote my story for you to join the adventures. Man up, and get a copy to know what it's like to Live the ultimate Man Massage envy collegeville Sweeden in Asia!!!

Once Norincl go Asian, you'll never go Caucasian. Girls, Guns, Ganja, Travel and Bikes! You can also listen to the audio version if you get one through Amazon! Living the Dream. Well, this post is amazing. There are 4 Types of the 20 Round Star Magazines. Look closely.